Prestology – an interview with the world’s biggest Presto Collector in The Sneakers Cube London

TWOFT: So are this year’s releases true to the originals?

LW: Yeah for sure they are. I mean it’s lightning and the brutal honey. The brutal honey was the first and so they are an icon and the lightning is probably the most recognisable. How often do you see a lightning print on a shoe, especially back in 2000? No one had ever seen that before. They have stayed true to it, maybe these ones are even better.


TWOFT: So is the original Presto your model because there was the Chanjo, the Cage, Escape?

LW: I have a soft spot for all Prestos and the line is so diverse. I love the Fazes and I love the Escapes, they were just amazing in form and design. You could just tell that they were experimenting but for me the original one is the icon.

TWOTF: Will any of those on display from your collection make a come back?

LW: No comment. I don’t know what’s coming. But it’s a blank canvas which is the great appeal of the shoe so there is so much you can do with it. We shall see.


Check out Leon’s amazing Prestos at The Sneakers Cube in Niketown London. And make sure you follow him on Instagram @prestology

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