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Puma ‘From the Ground Up’ Campaign


PUMA today launch ‘From The Ground Up‘, a campaign which reflects the tendency of match-goers to dress from the feet up when Saturday comes. At football grounds across the country, the focus is not always on the boots on the pitch, but the footwear on the stands. In this game of one-upmanship, the most rare, unique and clean silhouettes always win.

The PUMA Archive is proud to present the AW15 Terrace Collection. Four match-day classics re-introduced for today’s terraces.  The Star, G. Vilas, Trimm Quick and Roma, all made with the quality and style synonymous with the King of football, PUMA.

Since 1948, PUMA have dominated the world of football with iconic boots such as the Atom and King blessing the feet of the world’s best players. In the ‘70s, the style and flair shown on pitch was rivaled by events on the terraces. British clubs took on the giants of Europe, endeavoring to bring football back home.

And young British fans were also exposed to Italian sportswear and more importantly, German trainers, unlike anything they had seen back home. Win, lose or draw, the travelling fans returned home with the best trainers and bragging rights at their home ground the following week.

Puma bring back some of those terrace classics with a re-introduction of some football-caj classics.

The Roma


The Roma was inspired by and named after the 1960 Summer Games held in Rome, Italy. After 8 years of development with PUMA’s top athletes, the Roma made it’s debut on the world stage in Mexico City at the following Summer Games.

The Roma proved to be a world-class athletic trainer and popularity on-track led to the Roma becoming a casual staple, even before the days of terrace fashion. The Roma has had many variations over the years with none more sympathetic to the original than the AW15 collection. Four classic colourways combined with a gum sole make for the perfect match-day look.



Since the 1960s Germany has run a national Trimm-Dich (‘Get-fit’) campaign. As the nation’s people moved from manual labour to office jobs and controlling machines, this government initiative promoted a healthy lifestyle by building outdoor fitness parks and running tracks. The Trimm Quick is designed for these free public spaces. A robust construction and the iconic studded sole provided support and traction on the outdoor gyms.

The solid aesthetic and the multi-purpose design of the Trimm Quick made it a firm favourite on the terraces. The fact that they are built to withstand harsh German winters, muddy trails and intense workouts means the Trimm Quick will always look fresh when Saturday comes.



Originally released in 1971 as the Wimbledon, what appears to be a classic was once a technically advanced piece of kit for the pros at the time. As aesthetically pleasing as the chunky midsole is, it gave tennis players of the early ‘70s an extra advantage. PUMA engineers adopted an orthopedic approach to the design of the midsole creating a thick molded PU base that would conform to the unique shape each foot that broke them in.

As the pros won tournaments in this classic PUMA, lads up and down the country ran out to get the same trainers that their idols were wearing. The thick sole was born out of function but became a must-have for tennis and football fans alike. The AW15 Star is the most subtle in the terrace collection but retains the unorthodox thick midsole, perforated Formstripe and classic tennis style it is loved for.



Guillermo Vilas won over 900 matches in the Open Era, 62 career titles and 4 major single titles, cementing his place in Tennis history. His success on court, long hair and good looks earned Vilas a strong fan base. Women wanted to be with him and men wanted to be him. Getting a fresh pair of G. Vilas was the first step.

When first released in 1981, the G. Vilas signature PUMA was as outlandish as the through-the-leg shots that Guillermo Vilas became famous for. The molded PU midsole and perforated suede toe looked great on court but even better with jeans on the terraces across Europe. The AW15 refresh brings the most iconic PUMA terrace classic back to the stands in three new colourways, topped off with gum outer soles.

These drop UK-side at Office and Offspring tomorrow.



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