Le Coq Sportif Cycling Club – 5 the HARD WAY


After an initial collaboration with colette cycling club in the summer of 2015, le coq sportif is exporting the concept and creating an exclusive capsule collection with five international select shops – colette in France, Slam Jam in Italy, Footpatrol in the United Kingdom, Highs and Lows in Australia and Sivasdescalzo in Spain. 

Each pack in the collection includes a cycling jersey inspired tee, a pair of shoes and a pair of socks. The brand has opted for four running shoes: LCS R1000 for colette, LCS R900 for Slam Jam, LCS R800 for Footpatrol and High and Lows, and LCS RXVI for Sivasdescalzo.

The inspiration behind every pack is specific to each shop. At colette, the Parisian concept store’s identity is maintained with its polka dots and tricolour blue-white-black.

Highs and Lows pay tribute to Phil Anderson, the legend of Australian cycling, and takes inspiration from his first yellow jersey. Footpatrol combines the codes of the two collaborating companies, featuring the blue, white and red colours of France’s and the UK’s flags, plus the shop’s own iconic black. Slam Jam in Italy has gone for a more vintage look, inspired by former cycling shoes. And Sivasdescalzo celebrates Barcelona and the Mediterranean by contrasting warm and cool colours.

The cycling club packs will be exclusively available from 30 April as a limited edition of 30 packs at each of the partner select shops.

Which ones are you copping? We want them all! Don’t sleep this weekend people!

Colette1 Colette4 Colette2 sivasdelcalzo1 sivasdelcalzo4 sivasdelcalzo2 sivasdelcalzo3 Footpatrol1 Footpatrol4 Footpatrol3 Footpatrol2 Slamjam1 Slamjam4 Slamjam3 Highsandlows1 Highsandlows2 Highsandlows4LCS_CYCLINGCLUB_COLETTE_WEB LCS_CYCLINGCLUB_SLAMJAM_WEB LCS_CYCLINGCLUB_SIVASDESCALZO_WEB LCS_CYCLINGCLUB_FOOTPATROL_WEB Lecoq LCS HAL

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