Sneaker Con London – BIG crowds in the BIG smoke


Yesterday saw the “Greatest Sneaker Show on Earth” come to London for the very first time and it was definitely one to remember and we are very glad that we got to check it out. After witnessing an epic Sneaker Con in NYC last year we were looking forward to the arrival of the Sneaker Con crew in London. Sneaker Con is a massive show and NYC one of their biggest so we were anxious so see how that would play out here in London town. Also UK sneaker social media and the blogs have been pretty quiet about it so we weren’t quite sure how things would go.

But whilst setup was in effect it was clear that London had come out to see the Greatest Sneaker Show, London edition. There was a thick queue at London’s Olympia and that queue went on and on and for hours and hours. Bottom line people really wanted to get into the event.

Inside there was plenty of heat on the tables and lots of rare streetwear too, Crep Protect had long lines for their sneaker cleaning area and folks shooting hoops at the back. The infamous Sneaker Con Trading Pit was in the back with plenty of cash changing hands.  Reshoevn8r were inside the building too with Carmeno Customs. Shout outs to Sneaker Bar Detroit and also Troy from Jordan Colouring Book. London were repping too with The REAL Undisputed King of Trainers, Trapped Magazine and Crepjunkie.

And talking about undisputed folks Anthony Joshua was also in the building now that was something special!!! And of course the Sneaker Mayor of NEW YORK mother*&%ing CITY was in the place and it was an absolute pleasure to meet him. It’s so amazing how these sneakers we wear bring us together and bridge gaps as wide as the Atlantic ocean. The Mayor was so down to earth too so thanks for taking the time to chop it up with us.

Finally we wanna big up all the folks who came out to support the event and all the people that endured that hefty queue. For us Sneaker Con was definitely a breath of fresh air in one of the world’s major sneaker cities, but a city where we at present only have one sneaker event. It’s always healthy for ‘we the people’ to have even just a little more choice, as they say variety is the spice of life. And Sneaker Con really gave the sneaker-loving folks an amazing day out, from their hourly giveaways, the trading pit, the sneakers and apparel and the diversity of people that they had coming through the doors all day long, from London, the UK and folks who flew in from the US. The Sneaker Con organisers showed they are definitely OGs in the game.

Massive respect to the Sneaker Con crew for all the love they showed us and everyone else coming through the doors at Olympia their first London event was definitely one to remember and we look forward to the next one and to seeing the team back in London very soon. Check out the pics below…


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