Très Rasché x Reebok… Unlock Yourself

Très Rasché x Reebok debut their SS20 “Unlock Yourself” collection, which revolves around the concept of duality and is designed to celebrate self-expression through fashion as a medium. Available January 18 at tresrasche.com and select retailers worldwide, the collection includes two iterations of Reebok’s historic Club C 85 sneaker, a track suit and a pair of socks.

Bringing the “Unlock Yourself” concept to life, each piece, fashioned in 3M reflective material, features an unlockable appearance that can be exposed by a camera’s flash. Additionally, the Très Rasché Monogram is displayed across each product, providing a subtle compliment to the classic white and black color palette.

The Club C 85 sneaker is re-envisioned by Très Rasché to encapsulate its mission to promote individuality and equality, while the lightweight structure and solid sole makes for a comfortable fit.

Offered in both black and white, the shoe is the perfect punctuation to many outfits. Its 3M material, when activated by light, transforms the sneaker to display a mesmerizing holographic effect.

The Track Suit incorporates the monogram in a way that is almost undetectable on its black material. When the 3M is activated, the reflective pearl white is drastically contrasted by the darker monogram.

Lastly, the Monogram Sock, offered in black, continues the theme of duality featuring 3M throughout the embossed jacquard print. This is a perfect complement to the other pieces in the collection and creates a complete head-to-toe look.

The Très Rasché x Reebok SS20 collection is available beginning January 18 at tresrasche.com and select retailers worldwide, with pre-order open January 13-15. The collection will also be available instore at a popup event hosted by Second Chapter at 56 rue Caumartin Paris, FR January 16 & 17th.

We’re feeling the drop and the whole Très Rasché VIBE! Big up everyone involved!

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