Perry Ellis America… in London


So who knows about Perry Ellis??? Perry Ellis was one of those US brands that was hot in the 1990s around the same time that brands like Ralph Lauren Polo, Tommy Hilfiger, Nautica were all popping off Stateside. And of course back then the US influence filtered down to the UK.

With so many of those brands making a comeback and bringing back that 90s flow and those 90s designs Perry Ellis has also brought back some of that 90s flavour. The brand was big in the 90’s and heads knew about the brand in London, whether you took trips out to NY or you had the NY fam that sent you those US only pieces. So we took to the streets of South London to show some love to the Perry Ellis America collection with a dope crew each member of which brought that SAWSE. Check out the shots below, some of these pieces are already available and the next drop will be hitting retailers SOON!

Hit www.perryellis.com to pick up those pieces ASAP.

And show our peeps some LOVE…

Models: @darnellaustin_ @londonmadejon @lucavalentine @p3ss.10 @shylo_mcnally

Imagery: @jaunegorgon



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