Style a Style… Puma Sportstyle hits the beach in Jamaica

Puma Jamaica 2_33

It’s straight up beach vibes!

After a killer photo shoot last year in the island of Jamaica, in Kingston, we headed back out a few weeks ago and hit the beach for some beach vibes with our Jamaica team, showcasing the reissue of the Puma Suede, alongside some of the newer models we’ve seen recently such as the Puma Future Ride On and a personal favourite of ours the Ader Error RS9.8.

And you know the JA crew styled everything up with some beach-ready apparel. Sea View 6ixx crew, you know how we do!

Check the vibes in the pics below… Jamaica is most definitely Puma country!

Kicks and apparel available whilst STOCKS ARE STILL IN STOCK!

Photography: @jaunegorgon
Creative direction: @jaunegorgon @kingoftrainers

Models: ja_gotsole , Pablo , Ricky , Gikes , Nico , Murray

Puma Jamaica 2_50Puma Jamaica 2_2Puma Jamaica 2_7Puma Jamaica 2_4Puma Jamaica 2_12Puma Jamaica 2_13Puma Jamaica 2_11Puma Jamaica 2_10Puma Jamaica 2_59Puma Jamaica 2_60Puma Jamaica 2_9Puma Jamaica 2_55Puma Jamaica 2_47Puma Jamaica 2_32Puma Jamaica 2_23Puma Jamaica 2_29Puma Jamaica 2_14Puma Jamaica 2_15Puma Jamaica 2_25Puma Jamaica 2_17Puma Jamaica 2_1Puma Jamaica 2_37Puma Jamaica 2_38Puma Jamaica 2_35Puma Jamaica 2_34Puma Jamaica 2_39Puma Jamaica 2_40Puma Jamaica 2_44Puma Jamaica 2_43Puma Jamaica 2_45Puma Jamaica 2_41



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