Feeture – For the Love of Jordans – The Man with the Jordanheads Film

TWOTF: So how did Jordanheads come about?

Calvan: So I was working this one job in the Puma store in New York in 2004/5 – I started noticing people coming in with these Retro Jordans. I started asking what’s going on how much they cost where they were getting them from – and slowly I started to hear the stories behind each shoe and the person wearing them.

Then I thought anyone that loves sneakers would love to hear about these Jordanheads and their Jordans and the stories behind them and their Js.

JordanHeads015 copy

TWOTF: So BOOM the idea is born – what happened next?

Calvan: So I basically did the whole Steve Jobs thing. I got some money together and went and bought the cameras and the equipment that I needed and just thought to myself I’m gonna do this and just go and interview as many people everywhere about Jordans and capture their stories on film. Just decided to hit the road and do it.

TWOTF: How did you find the people that you filmed and interviewed?

Calvan: I put out a call to action – asking if people were Jordanheads on sneaker blogs and we got a ton of responses. People started calling because I had given out my phone number but the response was just impossible to deal with. I had so many people calling me that I had to change my phone number. My idea that had morphed into this project was like a tree growing out of control.

But nevertheless we worked through the people that had been in touch and we went to where people were and filmed them, all over the US and the world.

IMG_0098 copy

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