Feeture – For the Love of Jordans – The Man with the Jordanheads Film

TWOTF: What is the footage like?

Calvan: Completely insane! With the footage we have you can truly see the power of the sneaker and the power of the Michael Jordan signature sneaker. It’s incredible.

At last check I had 2TB of footage. Crazy!

TWOTF: So without giving too much away what can we see in your film?

Calvan: Lots of amazing interviews with some amazing Jordan fans that love the shoe and show their love for the shoes in many different ways. Whether that is as collectors, or as artists and musicians for example.

You’ll see lots of kicks of course and some amazing vintage stuff – mind-blowing stuff!

IMG_0343 copy

TWOTF: Can you tell us a little more about the people that were interviewed, just a little bit more without spoiling it too much?

Calvan: The same universal drive and enthusiasm exists all over the globe but here in the US people do crazy stuff to get the shoes, there are much more extreme stories here in the US.

The people you will see in this film have this amazing passion for the Michael Jordan signature shoe. I mean I met some people who would practically stop eating, drastically cut their food budget so that they could afford a pair of Jordans.

IMG_0334 copy

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