Feeture – For the Love of Jordans – The Man with the Jordanheads Film

TWOTF: What is the commentary that the film has to offer in regards to the sneaker game?

Calvan: Back when I started making this film in 04/05 some Jordans were being retroed for the first time and there was this insane hunger and excitement. Those same sneakerheads are collectors who feel that the magic has been taken out of some of those retro releases because now every other week or month there’s a classic Jordan retro either in its OG colourway or some other colourway.

It’s very simple supply and demand and Jordan brand got very smart with it making a ton of money from basketball driven shoes and their retros – and a lot of brands have followed suit in a similar attempt to create that nostalgia. And that nostalgia sells sneakers – plain and simple.

Unfortunately with the flood of retros that magic and nostalgia has become very saturated and not so special, and in addition whilst sneaker sales are on the rise, as are prices, unfortunately it appears that the quality of the shoes is deteriorating.

IMG_0057 copy       IMG_0245

TWOTF: Are you a Jordanhead?

I couldn’t afford sneakers as a kid, the first kicks I had were Nike Air Max 1s that cost $75 when they first came out. The closest I came to a pair of Jordans was a kid who had some Jordan 2s and played for our school basketball team.

When you were a kid watching Michael Jordan play in his own shoe it was such a mystical thing but I sure as hell couldn’t afford them and the kids that you saw wearing them you would forever wonder how they got ‘em.

When I found out about the retros that started releasing the same retro releases that sparked my idea for Jordanheads I started copping and then I got addicted to the Jordans myself to the point where I was like I have to stop buying Jordans or I’m not gonna be able to make this film! I basically lost my mind with these shoes!

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