Feeture – For the Love of Jordans – The Man with the Jordanheads Film

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TWOTF: So where is the film at now when can we see it?

Calvan: The film is in its final stages of editing and I have ploughed a lot of my own money into the film. So now I am asking all the sneakerheads and Jordan fans out there and even just people who want to see an amazing film to contribute enough to get this film completed. We have a kickstarter campaign and we just need as many people as we can to donate so we can get what is going to be the most amazing film done and out there for the world to see. So whatever help you can offer is appreciated.

The making of Jordanheads has been an amazing journey for myself and all those involved, including those that are a part of global sneaker culture. It would be amazing if people could now support it and help us to complete the film.

Thanks again to Calvan and also to Tamara from the Jordanheads team. Please check out the website and get over to the kickstarter page and make a donation and be a part of the amazing Jordanheads film…like yesterday please!

Here’s the link to the Jordanheads website

And hit ’em up on Instagram @jordanheads



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