Custom Feet – Introducing Julien OG

TWOTF: What do you think about sneaker customisation it seems that anyone can buy some Angelus paint and brushes and call themselves a customiser. Is it really that easy?

Julien: I can’t hide the fact that I have a problem with how things are… because despite what most people think you can’t just get some Angelus and think you know how to customise sneakers. In the last year or so we’ve never seen so many people trying to be customisers. For me they are attracted to making money from it or because it brings them fans and attention, and Instagram likes.

Many invent lives and I’m not even talking about people who have stolen my work and profited from the pictures of my work. I cannot count the number of people that have copied my customs. I thought there was a modicum of respect in this community at least between artists but that is not the case and only a small handful of customisers are really true to this work but for me they make up a number of less than 5 in the world.


There are a lot of messed up stories and unhappy customers that have paid people for customs and end up with a poor quality custom, shoes done so badly that the paint will not adhere to the materials. These people are bad adverts for sneaker customisation. There are steps to follow if you want a clean and durable custom. But we must learn how to do this work before doing this work but people today want everything and they want everything quick and with the least amount of work.

TWOTF: Where does your inspiration come from? Are you inspired by other customizers?

Julien: Of course others artists inspire me – Dank customs, Rudnes, Rudboy and also Jon Timbre but our culture inspires me also – graffiti hip hop, sport etc.


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