Custom Feet – Introducing Julien OG

TWOTF: Tell us about the process of customization of a shoe, without giving too much away of course.

Julien: Your question is a trap? No I’m kidding, for me the most important thing is the colour base of the pair you’re going to work on according to what you want as a result you have to keep the colour consistent for a clean finished product. I work with Angelus using paintbrushes but also use an Airbrush.

TWOTF: Are you a big collector yourself? Or a ‘sneakerhead’ as they say.

Julien: I am very passionate about sneakers because it took a lot of sacrifice to get the pairs I own today, for me if you are not passionate you will not last long in this game.

TWOTF: Can you give us your ‘Top 3’ sneakers that you own?

Julien: Nike Flyknit lunar Milano HTM / Nike HTM Flyknit neon white / Nike Air Max 1 Atmos elephant – that was a really tough question, really hard to pick a top 3.


TWOTF: How is the sneaker scene where you are? And what do you think of the current state of the sneaker industry; the hype, resale? Where is all this going?

Julien: The current scene where I am is very very new there are more and more people interested in the scene. Unfortunately, I think 70% are attracted by fashion, the money and the reputation that you can obtain within this environment whether you are a reseller or a big collector.

There will always be a big difference between the new scene and the old – generational conflict. Today it is money that talks nothing else. Look at the number of resellers today and the number of buyers it is ridiculous if there was not all this money in the game it would just be those that are really passionate like before.

You just have to look at people who pretend they are collectors with 10 pairs in their closet but only the expensive hype pairs. Saying look at me I’ve got a lot of money, all that doesn’t mean anything to me. If you love the sneakers you do not need to spend € 1000 for a rare shoe just because it’s the in thing right now. This debate is an endless and is probably not a very constructive one. Me I want everyone to be free to do what they want as long as it is done with respect.


TWOTF: Finally what can we expect from you in 2015 and in the future?

Julien: I hope that there will be some projects with some of the sneaker brands and I’ll be continuing to make new customs so watch this space.


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