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Puma Blaze of Glory x Sneaker Freaker – the Shark Bites Back!

JT:  When PUMA came to talk to you about re-issuing the Blaze of Glory, what was the first thing that came to mind?

SW:  I have to admit, the first thing I wondered was whether it was a good idea or not.  I cannot recall a collaboration like this being revisited five years down the track, so it deserved some consideration.  Out of all the shoes we (PUMA & SF) have done, this is the one project I still get asked about all the time.  Since they are so fondly remembered, I thought it would be nice to see them back on the street again.  I would love a fresh pair as much as anyone, so I’m glad Brook Diedrichs, Senior Product Line Manager of International Footwear at PUMA came to us with the idea.

puma-sneaker-freaker-shark-black-6       puma-sneaker-freaker-shark-grey-3

puma-sneaker-freaker-shark-black-4       puma-sneaker-freaker-shark-grey-2

JT:  What was different about this release in comparison to the original release on the shoes?

SW:  It was tempting to do a 1:1 repro, but I also think it is useful for people to instantly know which version they’re dealing with.  The black shoe originally shipped with turquoise laces instead of black, so I fixed that right away. The sock-lining is now the same colour as the shoe, which is the most obvious change.  We also added a performance inner sole for maximum comfort.  Aside from that, the shark tooth jewels are still there, as is the fluorescent pink pop on the OG black shoe.  I have to thank you as well Jon, the wrinkled nubuck you found that mimics the sharkskin leather on the OG Friends and Family edition is perfect!

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